Our Story

Jade Logistics is a continually evolving woman-owned enterprise that is committed to delivering the best logistics and packaging solutions.

How We Got Started

When Ni’s family was able to come to the United States it was obvious to her entire family that she would be an industrious leader and was headed for success. To make that success happen, Ni chose a road less traveled for a woman.   She took a job in sales to learn the domestic and international transportation business.   But her success in the business was not enough, she saw an opportunity that took vision and made it a reality.

Her dream was to own her own company that was a 100% women owned business. Ni made the jump to her own business in 2007.  In 2007 the economy was in a terrible position; the banking business was in turmoil and transportation was struggling.  Experts felt starting this type of business was not a promising idea. The nay-sayers lined up, but Ni felt she had a good concept and transportation was a crucial business to jump start a bad economy.

She followed through, jumped over the negativity, made a brand, and found a niche. The business followed the economy and as it gained momentum so did her business.  With this strategy, Jade Logistics has grown to a multi-million-dollar organization that continues to be on the move.

Ni Suphavong has had a simple strategy to attract talent, treat people with respect and carry a deep perseverance for success.  Her business has grown with adding multiple lines in both domestic and international.  She is also building a new complimentary business in packaging to supply alternative sources of revenue beyond transportation.

Ni feels it is especially important to give back to her community and those who need help. Her new dream as her company grows is to add more opportunities to give those in need the fundamentals to thrive.

She has been quoted as saying, “Everyone says the world is such a large place and there is so much need in the world. We all can do our part to make sure those in need get the everyday essentials of enough food, education, and a safe place to live.”

Ni Suphavong tries to help someone every day and is always donating to the homeless and trying to elevate communities. She has vowed to start a new venture in a non-profit foundation to maximize her giving. She is an enthusiastic leader who has proven that given a chance, we all can be successful.

Recognitions & Awards

  • Minority Business of the Year Minneapolis/St, Paul Business Journal 2010
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
    MN Jaycees 2011
  • MN Best Companies to Work For
    Minnesota Business Journal 2012
  • Top Largest  Logistics Companies in Minnesota
    Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Top 25 Ethnic Minority Owned Companies Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 2015, 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022
  • Fast 100 Asian American Business
    Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce 2020
  • Corporate Diversity, Small Companies
    Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 2021

Publications & Features

The heart of Jade Logistics is giving back to the communities in which we live, work, and serve. Since 2007, Jade Logistics has supported over 100 different charities/nonprofits with over tens of thousands of dollars and many volunteer hours.

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